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Talisker Resources Ongoing Commitment

  • Supporting Local and Regional

  • Encouraging Gender Diversity

  • Creating Tangible, Lasting Benefits
    for Local Communities

  • In 2021, Talisker had Nine
    Indigenous-owned Vendors in BC

BC Section Map

With respect to our Bralorne Project, Talisker identifies the Squamish Lillooet Regional District (SLRD) as our local area. We consider the area  of our greenfields exploration in southeastern BC to be our regional area. We track and report our impact on local communities, the region of our greenfields exploration and the province of BC as a whole.

  • Community and Economic Impact
  • Environmental Initiatives
  • Indigenous Engagement

“At Talisker, we believe in partnering with local communities. We aim to develop mutually beneficial relationships that support Talisker’s operational goals while creating tangible, lasting benefits for local communities and stakeholders. We recognize and respect Indigenous Peoples and their communities and view them as valued partners. 

I am pleased to present Talisker’s first Community and Economic Impact Report. This report reflects our ongoing commitment to the communities where we operate and that surround our exploration projects.”

Vice President, Sustainability and External Affairs Michael McPhie
2021 Community and Economic Impact Report

$36.4 Million 
Goods and Services Purchased

$5.9 million 
Personnel Costs 

Contracted Nine 
affiliated Vendors

More than 90% of our Vendors are Canadian Businesses

Supporting Local & Regional Employment


At Talisker, we understand that for local communities, employment opportunities are a primary benefit of our presence. That is why we prioritize recruiting and hiring local people. We have local recruitment procedures in place to ensure all positions are advertised locally. All opportunities for casual labour or roles which do not require specific skills are filled locally. We ensure that all on-site contractors comply with these local recruitment policies and procedures.

Diversified Workforce

We believe that diversity and inclusion within our workforce enhance our business success. We aim to ensure that all persons have equal opportunities for recruitment and promotion. We are aware that the number of women across all levels in the mining industry is low and we are committed to encouraging gender diversity. We are also committed to recruiting, training and developing a younger workforce to support and sustain our success.

Talisker is proud to have led the 2021 Wildfire Relief Campaign, a mineral exploration and mining community fundraising campaign which raised $38,050 to support the BC communities and First Nations affected by the 2021 wildfires in the southern interior.

Supporting Local & Regional Businesses


At Talisker, we believe local procurement is a responsible business practice and is one of the ways that we develop mutually beneficial relationships in the communities where we operate. We support local and regional economic growth through employment and procurement. We are active members in the Bridge River Valley Community Association Economic Development Committee.

We select local and regional suppliers whenever possible, provided that they meet our safety, health, environmental and community requirements, and provide cost-competitive goods and services.

In 2021, we purchased $36.4 million of goods and services in BC. This represents 85% of the total goods and services Talisker purchased for the year. We supported 34 vendors in the local Bralorne area and an additional 29 vendors from the SLRD region. More than half of our vendors are based in BC and more than 90% are Canadian businesses.

Indigenous-affiliated vendors

Talisker utilizes numerous Indigenous-affiliated vendors in BC. In 2021, we entered into several new contracts with businesses owned by the St’át’imc Nations and purchased goods and services from six St’át’imc-affiliated vendors in the SLRD area, representing more than 9% of the total goods and services we purchased locally. We are continuing work to strengthen our relationships with Indigenous-affiliated vendors, to identify new opportunities, and to build mutually beneficial partnerships.

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Indigenous Agreements

We have an Exploration Agreement in place with the Bridge River Indian Band (Xwisten) and have active engagement ongoing with all First Nations in the areas where we operate. We share all of our job openings with local First Nations communities, encourage applications, and aim to hire and train new employees from local First Nations.

Stakeholder Feedback

In 2021, we held three Public Information Sessions for the local communities in Bralorne and the Bridge River Valley. At these sessions, we discussed how we are delivering on our commitment to building partnerships, making positive contributions and minimizing any negative impacts our activities have on our neighbouring communities.